Methodical tasks for vocational education excellence centres

On April 6, 2021 by Order of Ministry of Education, all 18 Vocational Education Competence Centres (VECS) under supervision of the Ministry received the tasks to perform methodogical tasks: to supervise methodical work in at least one sector and to be co-responsilbe for methodical work in other sectors under supervision of other VECs in the sector the VECs implement VET programmes. The sectors for supervision and co-responsibility were allocated according to decision of the Ministry made in cooperation with Sectoral Expert Councils, National Centre for Education and VECs.

In February, to make this allocation, 15 discussions involving the Sectoral Expert Councils, VET schools, National Centre for Education and Ministry were organized. Methodical tasks (supervision, co-responsibility, cooperation) were explained and discussed and decisions were made on responsibilities of each VET school in each sector.

The main methodical tasks are: as a supervisor in the sector, to organize work groups and, as a co-responsible VEC, to participate in work groups organized by other VECs to design and update VET curricula, to integrate general education in VET curricula, to improve quality assurance in VET, to implement VET curricula, to design model programmes for implementation in IVET, CVET, in-service training and as parts of qualifications (modules and clusters of modules).

The task for VECs is to develop cooperation and collaboration between VET schools and sectors, to develop methodial materials and to ensure excellence in VET.